with Cold-Windows/Mac wallet & Hot Linux VPS


This is a guide to install masternode with your wallet in your home pc and Linux VPS. The reason for this way of setting your masternode is security. You will have your coins in your PC and your masternode in VPS won’t have your coins. Your masternode will just do the earning rewards. For your home wallet you can use Windows, Mac or even Linux. But on VPS side you have to use Linux, Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04 recommended.


Step One: Install wallet in your PC

Download wallet from releases here for your OS HIGGS wallets.

Step Two: Pay 5000 HIGGS to yourself

  • Make sure you have a little more than 5000 HIGGS in your balance. It can just be 5001 HIGGS. You can buy the coins here:



  • Pay exactly 5000 HIGGS to yourself. When you make transaction you pay a small fee, this is the reason you need a little more than 5000 HIGGS.

    To make transaction:

    a) Go to File -> Receiving Addresses

    b) Click on «New» and give label name, something like «For_my_masternode_1» and click «Ok». Select the created address and click «copy».

    c) On your main window go to «Send» tab. Paste the copied address to address box. Type 5000 for «Amount» box. Do not select «Subtract fee from amount» checkbox. Send the coin.
    Now it will take some time until this transaction is confirmed.
    Let’s move to your VPS.

Step Three: Install Masternode

  • Login to your VPS server with root user. Make sure you are in root directory

    cd /root

  • Download installing script file

    apt-get install wget -y

  • Make the script executable

    chmod 740

  • Run the script to install


    Now it will take some time. Wait until the following is printed to the console: «Job completed successfully». It will also print masternode private key as: «Masternode private key:». Save that somewhere, you will use it later.

    Note, if you happen to see nothing after MASTERNODE PRIVATE GENKEY: then it failed to generate private key. In that case follow these steps: (Skip to Step FOUR if you see private key).

    a) Generate key:

    proton-cli masternode genkeyb) Copy the printed key and open the config file:

    nano /root/.protoncore/proton.confc) Paste the copied key in a newline after masternodeprivkey=

    d) Save and close the file

    CTRL+X → Y → ENTER

  • OPTIONAL: Remove the script


    Now come back to your wallet in your PC.

Step Four: Set Masternode config

  • Now hopefully your transaction to yourself has been confirmed. Let us see.

  • Go to Tools → Debug Console

  • In text box below run the following command

    masternode outputs

    It should print something like this:


    The long string is the transaction id of your payment and the number is transaction index. Save them too, you will use them shortly.

    Note that transaction id and index number do not contain quotes. In the example above transaction id is: protd5a539ea889sgs434287ce8hyy6s5rqf1p12bbb58ac8uusy2eb8177 .

  • Go to Tools → Masternode configuration file. It will open your masternode config file.

  • In a new line type your masternode data, the syntax is as following:

    alias vps_ip:17817 masternode_priv_key trx_id_of_your_payment trx_index

    You can copy paste the line above and replace with your own ip, privkey, transaction id and index. Note that each data is separated by space, so do not introduce any space yourself. For example, giving the following alias is wrong.

    My alias

    Remember that transaction id and index do not contain any quotes

  • Save and close the config file. Restart the wallet.

  • Go to «Masternodes» tab (Settings → Options → Wallet → Show Masternodes Tab). You should see your configured masternode as missing. Click on «Start Missing», give your passphrase and confirm.

    Now you should see your masternode as «Pre_Enabled» or «Enabled»
    If so, you are all set. It will start getting rewards in around 24 hours.
    Happy Collecting your Masternode Rewards!